FAQs: Wind Escapettor


The Wind Escapettor complies with EN 341:2011 type 2D and ANSI Z359.4-2013.

  •  What are the components of the Wind Escapettor?

The equipment is made up of a descender device, rope, two connectors and a transport bag. The set is sealed in a vacuum pack.
The descender is certified for descents of up to 160m and is supplied personalised with the length of rope required by the client.
The device comes with  EN 362 certified or ANSI tri-lock connectors according to the client’s needs.
PVC carry bags are also available to transport or store the vacuum-packed equipment.

  •  How much does the Wind Escapettor weigh?

The Wind Escapettor has been designed as a lightweight device. The total weight of the 160m version (descender, rope, connectors, damper and transport bag) is 3.6kg, with a volume of 6.5 litres (25cm x 29cm x 9cm). 

  •  How strong is the rope?

The rope is made from Technora, which means it has a high resistance to tearing and temperature. Its tensile strength is 25KN and its decomposition temperature is 500ºc.

  •  What is the working load of the device?

The working load of the Wind Escapettor according to EN 341:2011/2D is 40 – 120 kg and 60 – 141 kg according to the USA standard ANSI Z359.4-2013.

  •  What is the temperature range that the Wind Escapettor can be used for?

The minimum use temperature of the equipment is -30ºc in dry conditions. Despite the fact that standards do not include tests for the maximum use temperature, the set is designed to resist temperatures of up to 300ºc.   

  •  Can the Wind Escapettor be used when wet?


 Maintenance and inspection

  • What maintenance does the Wind Escapettor need?

The equipment set, including the descender, rope, two connectors and transport bag, is sealed in a vacuum pack simplifying its maintenance and inspection.  Every 12 months the good condition of the plastic vacuum packaging must be checked.

  •  What does the term “single use” mean?

The standards use the term “single use” for devices that incorporate lightweight ropes as part of the equipment. This means that after use the equipment must be inspected and not used again until its safety has been confirmed by the manufacturer or authorised representative

  •  Can the Wind Escapettor be used for training purposes?

Yes. 20m versions of the device are available for training purposes. The maximum accumulated descent length for the descender is 1200m and the maximum number of descents per length of rope is 20.

 Using the Wind Escapettor

  •  What training do users of the equipment need to possess?

We recommend that all users take the 4-hour Wind Escapettor User Course.  The course provides the participant with the knowledge and skills necessary for various uses including:   self-rescue, self-rescue after a fall, rescue of a fallen operator, accompanied rescue, unaccompanied rescue and ladder rescue.  

  •  What is the descent speed of the Wind Escapettor?

The Wind Escapettor is a manual descender which means that the descent speed is controlled by the user. We recommend a regulated maximum speed of 2m/s.

  •  Is it possible to use the Wind Escapettor to descend two people at the same time?

The equipment is certified for single person use. However, it is possible to perform a simultaneous rescue if both people have their own Wind Escapettor attached. With the “Parttner” accessory the user can control their descent and that of their colleague simultaneously. Please contact us for more details. 

For further information please contact info@protecttion.com 

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